Eastern Hills High School opened on September 9,1959. Prior to the new additions to the building. It was a two story brick and concrete building , containing thirty classrooms, aditorium,cafeteria,labs, offices and gymnasium. Eastern Hills, located just off of Meadowbrook and loop 820, replaced hadley as a Senior High School in the Fort Worth Area. It serves pupils living in the Meadowbrook, East and West Hadley, Tandy and Sagamore Hills areas. The first senior class had 145 seniors. The enrollment the first year was 708 students. The student body chose the nickname "Highlanders".

The Eastern Hills Highlander Battalion was organized in 1962 from a unit that moved from Carter Riverside Highschool. The First units were all male with females sponsers. Air rifle and male drill team were started the first year. In 1972 females were permitted to enroll for credit in the JROTC program. Since that time, enrollment has increased and activities have grown in numbers and expanded in variety.

The Junior ROTC Program was originally staffed and lead by Regular Army Personnel. Sergeant First Class Calrence Striker became the first Senior Army Instructor, from the Retired Army Ranks, in 1968. IN August 1978, Lieutenant Colonel Norvel Rogers was assigned as Senior Army Instructor. In September 1985, Command Sergeant Major Richard Bell retired from Active Duty and became Commandant of Cadets for the "Highlander Battalion." In January 1995, Command Sergeant Major Bell was assigned as the Senior Army Instructor.On September 2006, Command Sergeant Major Bell retired from Eastern Hills High School and Lieutenant Colonel Michael Keris became the Senior Army Instructor. Additional Army Instructors are Master Sergeant, Reginald Savage, Sergeant First Class Antonio Molina-Colon, and Sergeant First Class Roosevelt Varnado.

Throughout the period, September 1983- June 1991, students from Northside High School were approved as a cross enrolled unit, and became a part of the Highlander Battalion. In September 1991, Northside High School achieved "Unit Status" and broke ties with the Highlander Battalion.

On March 22, 1987, the JROTC Range and supply building were destroyed by a fire. The battalion operated from the two remaining classrooms that was not destroyed by the fire. In April 1989, the battalion celebrated the opening of the newly constructed building with an open house for cadets and faculty. On February 19,1992 the JROTC building was formally deddicated and named Honor of Colonel Harold E. Taft Jr,,, a patriot, JROTC sponser, and a Fort Woth Community Leader.

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